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Oil and Gas Commission

The General Assembly eliminated the Mining and Energy Commission after the commission had adopted rules that govern oil and gas exploration and development in NC.

The NC Oil and Gas Commission is responsible for adopting rules on oil and gas exploration in North Carolina. The Oil and Gas Commission also has the authority to regulate the spacing of wells for oil and gas exploration, establish areas where oil and gas drilling can occur, and limit the production of oil and gas exploration. The Oil and Gas Commission and a reconstituted Mining Commission were created to carry out the regulatory responsibilities of the former Mining and Energy Commission.

Click here for an overview of Oil and Gas Commission members

Oct. 1, NC Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy, Re: DENR Returns EPA research grants 

September 2013 – Recommendations by MEC Compulsory Pooling and Local Government Study Groups

Draft Rules
How 2013 Session Law Affects the MEC (Summary)



Want more information about the MEC meetings that have happened so far? An independent interested citizen from Chatham County has provided notes for several of the meetings, which you can read below.

Full MEC meetings:

Compulsory Pooling Study Group

Local Government Study Group Meetings

Water & Wastewater Management

Administration of Oil & Gas

Environmental Standards