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Who’s Been Hurt By Fracking and Gas Development? Visit the “List of the Harmed”

Visit the “List of the Harmed
Ruggiero-DrillRig-KitchenWindow-Aruba-Texas-400x300The oil and gas industry says that reports of well contamination and other impacts of drilling, fracking, wastewater, air contamination and health effects are exaggerated and undocumented.  The Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air continues to compile the “List of the Harmed” from news reports  and contacts across the US. Now including 1,700 reports , each with the names of actual people harmed, their location, the responsible oil and gas operator, and the specific impact, the List also provides web links for further information and media stories.

Do you  want to add North Carolina reports to the “List of the Harmed” by allowing development of our state’s shallow, fractured shale formations, in areas where the population density is much higher than most regions where unconventional gas development has occurred?  To see who is working on preventing fracking and gas development in NC, and to get involved, visit frackfreenc.org.

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