Take Action on Fracking in NC!

Frack Free NC yard sign 2016
Yard signs of this image against fracking and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in NC are now available! Please call ahead to arrange a pickup from Clean Water for NC's Durham (919-401-9600) or Asheville (828-251-1291) office.

All I Want for Christmas is No ACP
Tell Governor Cooper – NO ACP for the Holidays!
Soon, our North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality will be making its final decision on a major permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
We need your help to send a message to the Governor and officials in Raleigh that North Carolina doesn’t want or need this pipeline.
Help us flood the Governor’s office with Holiday-themed NO ACP postcards. Pick your favorite design at the link here and send a postcard to the Governor. You can download and print at home, or we can send one on your behalf!

About the Frack Free NC Alliance

“Frack-Free NC” is a network of grassroots organizations who believe that shale gas development using “fracking” and horizontal drilling cannot be done without bringing harm to our waters, land, air, communities and public health. We are working to keep North Carolina frack free. Learn more...

Sign the petition to keep NC frack-free!

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Comment on Mining & Energy Commission draft rules

The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources is now accepting written comments on the 120 rules proposed to regulate fracking. The public comment period is open until September 30.

Send written comments to the Mining & Energy Commission:
ATTN: Oil and Gas Program
1612 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1612

or email to Oil&Gas@ncdenr.gov.

Click here to view the draft rules.

Click here for a 1 page factsheet on the draft rules.

To find key parts of the Draft Oil and Gas Rules that you might want to comment on:

Our FrackFree NC review team chose 7 draft rules of greatest interest. Click on each topic to download some brief bullet points about problems we’ve identified, or click on “Bullet points for all 7 draft rules” to see them all. We will add key problems with draft rules as our review continues, as well as key points on issues related to, but not directly dealt with, by the draft rules. As always, all comments should be in your own words. Thanks for caring enough to comment to protect our communities!

Bullet points:
“Enforcement and Inspections”
“Set Back Distances”
“Chemical Disclosure and Trade Secrets”
“Baseline Water Supply Testing”
“Water Acquisition and Management”
“Exploration and Production Waste Management”
“Bonding and Financial Assurance”

Here are some bullet points on “Need For Air Quality Rules“, something thing the MEC’s Draft Rules completely ignores.

Bullet points for all 7 draft rules

The Mining and Energy Commission recently had 4 Public Hearings on the Draft Fracking Rules. An estimated 1800 people attended these hearings, and an overwhelming majority were opposed to fracking in NC. Around 340 delivered oral comments, many of which were thoughtful and substantial critiques of specific fracking rules.