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Fracking Disapproval Bills Filed—Sitting in Committee

In mid-February, state lawmakers introduced House Bill 76 (and its twin, Senate Bill 72), “Disapprove MEC Oil and Gas Rules,” formally recognizing that the rules on hydraulic fracturing approved by the Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) are woefully inadequate to protect NC’s environment and communities. The sponsors of the House bill include Representatives Robert Reives II and Brad Salmon of Lee County, where fracking is most likely to begin, as well as Representatives Susan Fisher and Pricey Harrison. These lawmakers understand that the MEC rules are lacking in safe setback distances from homes and water sources, environmental testing, and disposal of fracking wastewater, and that allowing fracking to begin with such weak rules in place would endanger the people and resources of our state.Drilling rig PA

While the sponsors of H76 acknowledge that the odds of the bill passing are small, they felt it was important to file this legislation as a statement that the MEC has not served the best interests of the residents of Lee and Chatham Counties or other areas that could be impacted by fracking. You can contact the Chairmen of the House Commerce and Jobs Committee to tell them you and many friends in your area believe there’s strong evidence that fracking is bad for NC’s communities and economy, and encourage them to schedule a hearing on the bill soon: Rep. Conrad, Rep. Presnell and Rep. Ross.

If your NC Representative or Senator is among the sponsors of House Bill 76 (list of sponsors) or Senate Bill 72 (list of sponsors), we encourage you to send them a short email to thank them for their action to protect NC from fracking!

Here’s a link to coverage in the Sanford Herald at the time the bills were filed.

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