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“Energy Modernization” Bill and MEC Meetings May 15-16

Last Thursday, the Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy met and recommended a draft bill that had been hashed out for months to be introduced for this year’s short session to begin on Wednesday, May 14.  A quick review by several allies indicates some good news:

  • The bill would require trade secret chemical info to be held by DENR
  • A new “bad actor” provision would allow DENR to turn down permit applications from companies with bad compliance record

…and some bad news:

  • The radius for baseline testing and “presumptive liability” would be cut from 5,000 feet to 2,640 feet
  • Local authority to pass protective ordinances would be severely restricted; industry could file a petition for pre-emption

It’s no surprise that the draft bill completely avoids dealing with other controversial issues before the November elections: forced pooling, adequacy of bonding and long term contamination.

Mining and Energy Commission to meet May 15, 16 to look at 20 rules packages.
The Mining & Energy Commission will meet this Thursday and Friday (May 15, 16) from9:00 AM – 5:00 PM to discuss key oil and gas rules (view agenda here). Brief comments will be allowed, sign up before 12:00 each day. If you cannot attend the meeting in person but would like to hear the conversation live then follow the instructions below to “livestream” the meeting.

1.) On Thurs, May 15th click here OR Fri, May 16 click here.  2.)If requested, enter your name and email address. 3.) If a password is required, enter the meeting password: 12345 4.) Click “Join.”

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