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Comment to Division of Air Quality on the Northampton County Compressor Station Permit

Below is a comment made to the NC Division of Air Quality on November 15th in Garysburg NC on the Northampton County Compressor Station

Good evening, I am Ericka Faircloth of Clean Water for North Carolina, and also a founder of
EcoRobeson, and I thank you for the opportunity to make these comments on a major new
threat to Northampton County.

As required by NC DEQ’s long standing Environmental Equity Policy and its obligations under
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, DEQ must consider the project’s disproportionate
environmental harms to minority and low income communities. NC is 22% African American,
however this compressor station is within a census block group where 79.2% of the population
is African American. This to me is a big red flag; this compressor station and Atlantic Coast
Pipeline are environmental justice issues.

From conducting door-to- door outreach in the Town of Garysburg, and near the compressor
station, we found that most residents were not aware of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline
or the compressor station. Also, from conducting outreach within a half a mile of the ACP route
in Wilson, Sampson, Cumberland and Robeson Counties, I found that residents were mostly
unaware of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project and its close proximity to their homes. Many of
these residents closest to the ACP and compressor station have not been notified about this
project and that’s unacceptable!

For those who wish to cite economic development, my family lives in Robeson County, one of
the poorest regions in the country, and we already have 2 existing natural gas pipelines. But
where are the jobs? Where is the economic boom? There isn’t any, it doesn’t exist, and there’s
no reason to expect any jobs or economic development from the ACP.

Energy demand in NC has been flat for years, that’s a fact, and it is projected to be flat for years
to come. The natural gas we need can come from the existing Transco pipeline. This huge new
pipeline is not needed, which means this compressor station is not needed. These projects pose
a completely unnecessary risk to public health and safety.

PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) documents show that
pipelines built since 2010 fail more than pipelines build before the 1940’s. Why is that? It’s
because of the guaranteed 14% rate of return offered by FERC. There has been a rush to build
pipelines since 2010 because companies know they can make huge profits from them. It’s not
about need or public benefits– it’s about money.

DAQ, please deny this permit.

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