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Governor, General Assembly Make Last-Minute Push to Fast-Track Fracking!

Call and E-mail NOW – ask Governor, Senators, Reps., to OPPOSE S127 & H74

After Senate Bill 76 passed this week without lifting the moratorium on fracking, members of the General Assembly have inserted the “fast-track” fracking language into Senate Bill 127 (Conference Substitute) to try to sneak it through under the public’s nose! The […]

Majority NC Opposes Fracking, Wants Disclosure

Two new polls show that a majority of NC residents oppose fracking (Poll conducted by the NRDC) altogether and an even stronger majority say that full disclosure of chemicals used in fracking is the right thing to do.

According to Public Policy Polling: 76% of voters think that companies engaged in fracking in North Carolina […]

MEC Leadership Hostility Comes as No Surprise

On Jan 22, NC DENR staff hosted a very productive stakeholder meeting to focus on a draft rule on chemical disclosure for fracking and gas development chemicals that were under consideration by the Commission (MEC). In addition to three public interest groups (Rural Advancement Foundation, Intl., Clean Water for NC and Environmental Defense Fund), several […]

Staying strong for a frack-free NC

On Monday, July 2nd, a late-night override of Governor Perdue’s veto of the fracking bill (S820) was heartbreaking, but an indicator of how much we have all done together. The grassroots support for sustaining a veto was so strong that fracking supporters had to resort to buying off legislators to win. We are still strong, […]