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“I Don’t Want Stokes County To Be Like West Virginia”

By Peggy Wert Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in the Stokes News, July 23, 2015 I just returned from a trip to Doddrige County, West Virginia where I was able to see firsthand what fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is like. My first impression was ‘Oh my god, please don’t let this happen to […]

Feb 14: Marching for Justice in Raleigh

Frack Free NC Alliance partners came out despite the cold on Saturday, February 14, joining many other folks to call for Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, Voting Rights, Health Justice and more! Here are a few photos of creative signs tying our environmental passions to the wider social justice and democracy that we seek. (Photo credits: […]

Public Hearings on Oil and Gas Rules

Promises Lie in Ruins after Senate Bill 786, Public Resistance to Fracking Growing

Rather than tamping down resistance to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, the state’s newest legislation on fracking Senate Bill 786, dubbed the “Energy Modernization Act,” has only strengthened it and increased the controversy across the state. With budget negotiations between the House and […]

New Senate Bill Loosens some Protections, Improves Others and Avoids Many

Filed Thursday afternoon, Senate Bill 786 seems designed to create an appearance of responding to some constituents’ concerns, but runs roughshod over others and is silent on several critical issues! This bill could start to move early next week, so watch for alerts and prepare to weigh in with your Senators soon.

From Fayetteville Observer: […]

“Energy Modernization” Bill and MEC Meetings May 15-16

Last Thursday, the Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy met and recommended a draft bill that had been hashed out for months to be introduced for this year’s short session to begin on Wednesday, May 14. A quick review by several allies indicates some good news:

The bill would require trade secret chemical info to […]

Thursday, May 8th: National Call-in Day with Stop the Frack Attack, Asheville event

On May 8th, Stop the Frack Attack and Americans Against Fracking are asking people around the country to ramp up pressure on EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, and ask her to reopen investigations in Parker County TX, Pavillion WY, and Dimock PA. The EPA shut down its investigations, despite early evidence linking fracking operations […]

New Video by No Fracking in Stokes

No Fracking in Stokes has released its new video, “the Decision,” all of it shot in Stokes County except for the scenes of actual fracking in the Marcellus shale area of Pennsylvania. For more about No Fracking in Stokes, click here.

Who’s Been Hurt By Fracking and Gas Development? Visit the “List of the Harmed”

Visit the “List of the Harmed” The oil and gas industry says that reports of well contamination and other impacts of drilling, fracking, wastewater, air contamination and health effects are exaggerated and undocumented. The Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air continues to compile the “List of the Harmed” from news reports and contacts across […]