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Yard signs of this image against fracking and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in NC are now available!

About the Frack Free NC Alliance

“Frack-Free NC” is a network of grassroots organizations who believe that shale gas development using “fracking” and horizontal drilling cannot be done without bringing harm to our waters, land, air, communities and public health. We are working to keep North Carolina frack free. Learn more...

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Upcoming events related to pipelines and fracking

March 10, Comment deadline for proposed rollback of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA):
The Trump administration is proposing to gut NEPA, a landmark environmental law enacted in the 70s to promote transparency, informed decision making, and public input when federal agencies make decisions that impact the environment.

Trump’s rollback…
1) Would limit public input on proposed projects, such as fracked gas pipelines, allowing only submission of highly specific technical data
2) Could limit public hearings to online webinars only
3) Prohibits agencies from considering cumuluative impacts of projects, including pipelines, power plants, and offshore drilling operations, and their impacts on the global climate
4) Would restrict FERC from analyzing alternative routes for pipelines, giving the agency even more capacity to “rubber stamp” these projects

Help protect NEPA, a fundamental law that promotes community empowerment and protects demcratic decision making when it comes to protecting and sustaining our environment. Submit your comment by March 10th!

Duke Energy Progress Rate Hike Hearings, Duke is attempting, yet again, to raise YOUR electricity bills to help pay for DUKE’s fracked gas infrastructure and coal ash negligence. Now is your chance to speak directly to the NC Utilities Commission and let them know, we are NOT going to keep quiet.

3/12/2020 7:00pm Buncombe County Courthouse, Courtroom 1A, 60 Court Plaza, Asheville

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