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Action Alert! Tell your Rep. to support House Bill 586

Support House Bill 586: Ban Forced Pooling The 1945 Oil and Gas Law makes “forced pooling” of landowners who don’t wish to lease their land for gas extraction legal in NC, but the law does not say when or how forced pooling can happen! So landowners can’t be sure that their property rights will be […]

Comment to FERC on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

Comments are due to FERC by April 28th!

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a proposed new pipeline to transport gas from fracked areas in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is the agency responsible for granting the pipeline the right to begin construction […]

Nicole Delcogliano of Yancey Co. Shares March Experiences in Fracked Areas of SW Pennsylvania

I traveled in March to Greene, Washington and Butler Counties in southwest PA to do research, stopping in Pittsburgh to attend a conference on the impacts of extraction industries. Wow! Once I crossed the border into Pennsylvania, I knew something had changed. Immediately, I saw billboards from Range Resources or Rice Energy promoting shale gas […]