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Comment on the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan”

The EPA’s proposed “Clean Power Plan” creates emission guidelines for states that address greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The goal is to lower emissions of carbon dioxide, and thus reduce the effects of climate change. Unfortunately, the proposed Clean Power Plan has some serious flaws that may make it do more harm than good […]

Communities Deserve Better Than Minimal Revisions to Oil and Gas Rules

Appalachian Voices ~ Chatham Research Group ~ Clay County Coalition Against Fracking ~ Clean Air Carolina ~ Clean Water for NC ~ Coalition Against Fracking in Western NC ~EnvironmentaLEE ~ Haw RiverKeeper ~ Pee Dee W.A.L.L. ~ RiverGuardian Foundation ~ Western NC Alliance ~ TriangleWILPF ~ Yadkin and Davie Against Fracking

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Report on Public Comments for proposed Fracking Rules

The Hearing Officers for the Mining and Energy Commission have released their response to over 217,000 public comments they received on the proposed fracking rules. You can read it here: Report of Proceedings on Proposed Rules to Regulate the Management of Oil or Gas Exploration and Development.

You can also read a brief response by […]